sreda, 19. september 2012

Shabby Pumpkin

As promised today I'm back with a new Halloween project fresh out of the oven. This is the third version of a halloween pumpkin and this one is like you can see in Shabby chic style. This one is made out of smashed paper shaped into a ball, covered with diapers that are soft and admit to shape  the object into a pumpkin. Everything is than covered with some bandage and white acrylic paint. It is obvious that the ornaments do almost evrything but I love this contrast between the ruined base and the rich toping. The appropriate pedestal completes the perfect Mrs. Pumpkin. 

I hope you like it and feel inspired..... See you next time!

5 komentarjev:

  1. Wowwwwwww!! This is AMAZING Jana!!! Love it!!!

  2. Zelo zelo lepo! Modra(turkizna)-bela-rjava...ta kombinacija vedno lepo izpade, sploh pa ta tvoja bučka!! Spominja me na dragulj:)

  3. Čudovita buča in prav si detajli na njej so fantastični :-))

  4. zares imaš super in domiselne izvedbe!
    čudovito vse kar narediš!