sreda, 24. april 2013

Gothic Fairytale continues....

Hello everyone! I'm back.... already :-) 
I really enjoy my new inspiration and ideas are getting croudy in my head so I have to make some space by making some of them :-)
Here is a tag that I made totally under my new inspiration. It's a soft heart that I have created with some cardboard, cotton and some fabbric ( I stamped one half of it ). In order to follow the gothic style the haert is full of pins. The title of the tag is "Dare" that I find a good advice for everyone and for almost everything.  The background is something  that is getting to be my red thread in my projects. I have already new ones prepared and this background seems that wants to be part of them :-)

 Enjoy in new things! See you soon and let me know if you like my new path.....

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