ponedeljek, 3. junij 2013

Love U layout

Hello! I can admit that the layouts about those you love is a neverending story. It just keeps you go on and make a new one and each time you feel it was worth doing it. This time the LO is not just for my Kian but he has some company :-)
Sometimes is just enough to take some pieces of carboard and cover them with different patterns to get the perfect bed for a new memory. The background is a combination of a structure paste, stamping, distressing and some Glimmer mist traces (Dragonfly and Dark Denim). I made the single pieces looking scruffy and distressed and let some black vines coming from behind and all is standing together with stitches. I also added some Prima elements to make the entire project look more soft despite the dark atmosphere.

A detailed look.......

So, as you see, the Fairytale continues..... Let's explore more... Again. My hands are already itchy :-)

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