ponedeljek, 16. december 2013

Victorian Christmas Tree

Hello friends! Here is my new Christmas project using Sizzix and 7 Gypsies. Great choice, don't you think? This time I made a Victorian style Christmas tree:

For making this tree I used the 7Gypsies Postale paper, the 6x6 stack. There is also a new sizzix die I used: the Sizzix Bigz Die - Garden Greens. It is a very versatile die and here I just cut it into pieces and used it to enrich the Christmas tree. The procedure for making this tree is very simple and if you would like to make it just leave me a comment and I'll put down a few hints for you. 

In RL the paper looks almost like fabric, but there is a secret how to make it ;-)

 Here is another thing I wanted to share with you. The past week has been released my second book for children:

I wanted to say a big Thank you to everyone inspired me, belived in me, encouraged me, helped me, waited for me and made this possible in any way. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

3 komentarji:

  1. Se ena krasna variacija papirnate smrekice. Iiiii, Jana, cestitke za izdajo nove knjige. Naslovnica zgleda tako zelo pravljicno in cudovito.

  2. Občudujem tvoje smrečice, prav lepo je bilo ustvarjati s teboj. Vauuuu, knjiga, čestitke, se strinjam z Vladko, že naslovnica je videti čarobno pravljična.