torek, 28. januar 2014

Tattered Heart

Hello everyone! Here is my latest project. Obviously getting closed to the Valentines day the idea is in that style but in a bit different way. The idea was to create something that would represent something more than just a sweet heart. It's more about a real love and about life and how both leave a sign of their presence and maybe a challenge. This heart wanted to show that someones heart  can be used, hurt or damaged but it's still a heart and never looses its shape.

I used the 7Gypsies paper Postale. Little pieces to cover the entire heart. The metal hardware from Canvas Corp was perfect to make my idea pop out. The nails, the hooks.... great!!!! 

I also wanted my heart to have some distressed wings. Nothing perfect, something that shows the mileage of life they made and a lot of dies seemed too good for it. Than I came up with the idea to use the

I've placed them one on the other and I love this tattered looking wings.

 I've colored them with High Impact Tattered angels paint: Black, Platinum and Antique Gold. Together thay make a metal effect and I love how you can control the blending of the pigment in these paints.
So, I hope you like my Tattered heart. The words on it say: Find Strenght.... and will be completed with a tiny envelope that treasures the other part of the message: ...... in those who love you. Have a great day!

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  1. wow, noro dobro je tole srce. Vsi ti dodatki in odlicna ideja, da si uporabila liste za krila. Super je.