četrtek, 22. maj 2014

Recipe in a bottle

Hello! The Creative Crew has a mission in May: to capture the recipe and although I'm a it late because of some nasty health issues, I'm presentin a Fairytale recipe container. This time I used mainly Canvas Corp products but let me show you the result first:

The main idea is to, when you delight someone with a nice cake or a dish to give also to the person the recipe and this is tha Fairytale container made for and of course it's written "Eat it" :-)

The realization is quuite simple. I used a Snapple empty bottle but any other bottle will do. In fact you can play with diferent shapes and sizes. Simply glue on teared stripes  of Canvas Corp canvas. Remember not to glue the edges because they need to pop out a bit and than make a few stiches to have the peception of almost fabbric bottle. Adorn it as you like. I used a CC tag, a 7Gypsies pin and metal hardware....

I hope you'll like the idea..... Have fun and spread recipes :-)

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