sreda, 15. oktober 2014

Halloween witchy mashroom

Hello everyone. Here is my latest idea I wanted to share with you. I was thinking about making something new this year and here is my Halloween witchy mashrom.

 The idea is so easy. For the stalk I used a soda bottle that I painted in white and distressed. For the hat I used the Canvas Corp Halloween papers. They have some brand new papers for halloween and they are really beatiful. I used The Halloween Stripe on White for the hat and I used a part of the Haunt it for the circle on the side of the hat.
 The mashroom hat is not flat so in between the two paper circle I placed a rounded piece of cardboard and some newspaper to get the puffy look. On the top I glued the cone filled with the smashed newspaper in the way that it's more resistant.

I love the scales on the mushrooms and I used  the Canvas Corp tacks and the 7gypsies dome studs for making them. They really make the difference, without them there is just another thing.

So, this is a very simple idea that you can make and I hope there will be a lot of witchy mashrooms growing out there!!!!

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  1. Ja, ampak tudi preproste ideje je treba takole odlicno spraviti v zivljenje. To pa ne zna vsak. Ti pa definitivno obvladas.