ponedeljek, 14. september 2015

Another heart canvas

Hello. You will say: again? Well, yes....Here is another canvas with a heart but what can I say - the possibilities are endless and why to stop when the inspiration is going on it's way and suggesting old in a new way. And I have to tell that the canvas was made for two friends for their wedding and no matter how you put it..... love is all you need :-) So here is a canvas in blue and green...

The canvas is from Canvas Corp where you can find them in many sizes and colors. Also the paper is from the same brand and the wire cage on the top of the paper heart. So, it has a double soul and a lot of dimension comes out of this layering.

 The spots are almost self-evident - the famous Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels. The colors recall the colors of the heart and they are making the perfect background for the dark glow.

The rest is my Gothic Fairytale.....

Still searching the canvas path... So, there will be more. Have a great day!

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  1. I love the heart canvas story you are working through... the branches are beautiful and the wiry stitching is so fantastically textural and moving. Blue green is one of my favourite colour combinations, so I'm very much in love with this version of the work.
    Alison x