nedelja, 14. februar 2016

Canvas heart for Valentine's Day

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy every way of love that make s your life richer!
For this special day I'm offering some love themed inspiration with my Canvas heart. And today not only the base is canvas but also the heart is from this material!


 Hearts are not perfect or better said - they are not intact. Many thing an event can hurt the heart and can produce scars and sporadic bleeding but somehow it stays together and becomes stronger. An experienced heart can offer a strong support and it can always keep it's shape. Just have some thread and a needle at hand and some adequate medicine to help it heal. Enjoy your hearts!

I decided to use a canvas heart from Canvas Corp. I filled it with some cotton and started to give to it some color with different inks. I also teared it a bit and "repair" the damage with some evident stitches.

At 7 Gypsies you can find these lovely apothecary bottles and I love how I can use them in a symbolic way for representing the medicine. I just dropped inside some High Impact Paint from Tattered Angels let dry overnight... I just love this detail!

 The bleeding.... Glimmer mist of course. Tattered Angels invented this product so much time ago but is still so modern and absolutly necessary...

 Smal details? A lovely bird that sings our favorite song, some gears that continue the tic-tac.... All from 7Gypsies.

I had some huge pins but they had a pearl hat. Nothing easier - I just painted the hats with some Tattered Angels Black High Impact Paint.

Have a lovely Valentines Day every day!

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