sreda, 6. april 2016

4x4 canvas and something more...

Hello! This time I'm posting a small canvas, a 4x4. I have to say it's a difficult job to work on such a small area. But the message is clear ;-)
I worked with some glimmer mist and some Decor and Diy paint from Tattered Angels. I have to say I love to work with these product - different textures but they combine perfectly! I added some industrial gears from 7Gypsies... The rest is the magic of colors ;-)

I have another thing to share with you. You probably know that I'm sharing my artistic journey with the Canvas Corp brands. We have been together for many years and we still feel an enthusiastic  connection in building projects and creativity. This month they wrote something about me on their blog. If you have time you can read more here. I have to say a big thank you to this fabulous crew that offers me the opportunity to work with such great products and in a very free way. This is the place where I can share thoughts that were translated into paper, paints and small treasures. This is the place, where I can create without restrictions and there is where my art has a window into the world.

Thank you very much CCB!!!!

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