petek, 2. december 2016

Christmas is everywhere - ADVENT CALENDAR

Hello everyone! The countdown to Christmas officially started and I hope you are already enjoying it.
For all those who didn't catch my last post I will do a reminder for CHRISTMAS IS EVERYWHERE - my first stop motion animation! I'll talk about it also in my next posts but you can read in my previous post and find out how it started.
Here is the video:

 and there is a


This little family is giving 


Everyone who will enter a comment under our video on YOUTUBE will enter in a special draw on the Christmas day. 
The winner will receive a special customized surprise from our family!!!! If you find them cute you'll love the gift!

But there is something more. On our facebook profile Mesmerizoom Spirit and also on my facebook profile we have a special


You have to come over and take a look at the hilarious moments of this little family. They are expecting Christmas like us and it seems they experience all kind of funny events. Here are the firs two:

So, don't forget to follow the tiny family and have in mind that CHRISTMAS IS EVERYWHERE!!!!

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