četrtek, 31. december 2009

Happy new year!!!!

I'm writing this quick post just because I remembered you and I wanted to say and wish you a happy new year. The old one is saying goodbye and I'm glad we'll have the opportunity to restart again even only in a symbolic way.

The 2009 was quite tough for me. It offered me some laughs and many tears and it seems to me that the main gift of this year was wisdom. You have to learn some lessons to get it and this is inevitable. I hope the 2010 will let new experience to fulfill our lives with pleasant moments and I hope old regrets will stay in the past.

I wish to all of you to find the most important, to search for something new, to forget the unnecessary and to build at leat one of your dreams for real!!! You'll be in my thoughts at midnight!!! Thank you for every word you write here. They are truly appriciate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

4 komentarji:

  1. Srečno, zdravo in ljubezni polno novo leto tebi in tvojim!

  2. Jana, vse naj v novem letu tebi in vsem tvojim. leto 2010 naj bo polno smeha in veselja in čimmanj solz :)

  3. Hope you have a fantastic 2010 Jana. Happy New Year.

  4. Srečno, veselo, ljubezni polno in čarobno 2010 želim tebi in vsem tvojim.