torek, 8. december 2009


I hope you are enjoying this christmas time. I don't have any presents at home yet so I think I have still a lot of thinking, shopping, wrapping, ribboning :-)). In the middle of November my christmas tree was already waiting fo Santa....

My kitchen on the other hand was waiting for some sweet smelling cookies and christmas baking. I had a little help from my little elf Kian with making the gingerbread house.

My hubby is in USA this week and I can't see the time that he returns home...Also because he is bringing a lot of candy canes that are just unprocurable here in Slovenia.

The socks are waiting to be filled till the top with some sweet stuff....

The christmas lights are making the perfect atmosphere.. The only thig that is missing are the outdoor lights but nowdays is always raining and we're waiting for a little bit of good weather to cover all the house with them.

I'm waiting for: snow (that here is so rare and I love it!!!!!), to bring Kian to Santa, for some colorful fireworks, for hot cups of cinnamon tea, for christmas cookies, for the family to gather on the Christmas eve.....

And finnaly I'm waiting for the address of the tiny giveaway winner that is............
....number 20: Marika!!!!!!

She wrote:
"Kakšni lepotci!Meni pa je med drugim všeč tudi barvna intenzivnost. Ta me je v prvem hipu najbolj pritegnila."

Please e-mail me your address and thanks to all. I really appriaciated every lovely comment that you left on my little piece of crafting world.

9 komentarjev:

  1. Joj, kako imate lepo...kot v pravljici, res! Že dolgo se nisva nič srečali, vsem vam želim čaroben decembrski čas.

  2. Kako je pri vas že vse okrašeno, saj je kot pri Božičku na Severnem polu.Ko sem gledala slikice ,sem kar čakala kje bo kakšen škratek, pa sem samo nogice enega škratka videla:):)

  3. Ooo, sanjsko! Ne najdem drugih besed.

  4. wow Jana!!! I can really feel christmas in your house!!! your decors are fantastic!!! my little present is on it way there. (i posted it early last week) i really hope you receive it. lovely pics!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  5. O hudoooo :)))) pri vas pa res imate praznični december :)

  6. Tole je pa kot hišica iz pravljice!

  7. Vau :) Kakšna bogata dekoracija :)

  8. Kakšna dekoracija..noro..pravljično!

  9. wow... can I come to your house... it's so festive... I love it... I love your tree and the stockings.. and all the little bits... it's soooooooo beautiful... thanks so much for sharing your home... {{hugs}} Michelle