torek, 9. november 2010

Altered toy drum

First of all I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that visits my blog and a special one to everybody who spends time to leave me a comment. You are special to me and give me more and more energy to continue to search in this beatiful paper world!
This time was the time for a broken drum toy to be altered, to be given a new life. Kian was once imitating dad and playing hardly on the drum and suddenly he made a huge hole in it.
I started to undress the drum of its previous skin and re-built it completely.
The front skin is in acetate and it closes the tree and the tiny treasures at the bottom of it inside and together with the heart inside it says: It is the Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.

I've put new sort of eyelets to hold the string on the ouside.

I've made a christmas tree using some stripes of paper thet I've rolled at the end, added some glitter and of course some holly fruits, because it can't be Christmas without red. I used some translicent paper for the back so when I put the drum in front of a light is like a little lamp and a soft light passes through it.

The heart is in grungeboard, paited and distressed.

A teddy bear and the ribbon to complete the Christmas atmosphere.

A small pile of letters...

A grungeboard reindeer and a glitter snowflake complete the frosty look of the drum.

Having a drummer for husband I think a decoration like this one was inevitable :-)
Have a nice day!

18 komentarjev:

  1. wow! It's just a fantastic creation! Love all your creations, you're so talented lady!

  2. You are soooooooooooooo AMAZING!! I must thank you for always sharing YOUR AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL talent with us!!! I just loveeeeeeeee all the details that goes into your work and loveeeeeeeeeeee that tree!!! STUNNING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. wow!it's great job!!!!i love it!!!

  4. Ti bi še navadni smetki znala dodati takšno podobo, da bi rekli vau :) Pri vas vse najde svoje mesto in to na krasen način. Super si izdelala in ta smrekica je fantastično izpadla.

  5. The altered drum is just amazing! So beautiful :)

  6. You are so amazing!! I love visiting your blog everyday for inspiration.



  7. Tvoje ideje so res neverjetne. Resnično znaš čisto vsako stvar spremeniti v nekaj posebnega, čudovitega, navdihujočega.
    Še prav posebej mi je všeč smrekica s svojimi vijugicami in bleščicami. UAU!

  8. Čudovit je, še posebej pa mi je všeč smrečica :-))

  9. Zopet sem popolnoma navdušena nad tem, kar si nam predstavila. Strinjam se z Vladuško, ko pravi, da bi bili še ob kakšnem tvojem smetku, ki ga kje najdeš in obdelaš noro navdušeni. Tvoje ideje nimajo meja.
    Na tem bobenčku je vse oh in ah. Vendar mi je vseeno smrečica naj, naj :)

  10. Neverjetna si! Prava zakladnica idej. Krasno si "popravila" ta bobenček.

  11. WOW, krasna ideja, še boljša izvedba, božično drevo pa tako špica.

  12. Ne samo neizogibna, pač pa tudi najbolj originalna in domiselna dekoracija! Res, prav vsakemu predmetu znaš vdihniti pravljico!

  13. Jana this is absoluttly AMAZING!!!!!! you are such an inspiration!!!

  14. this is wonderful!!! I don't know how you do it... but one thing after another is more amazing than the next... you are my inspiration!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  15. Wow, I missed a bunch of amazing posts Jana!
    So good to catch up! LOVE this...your ideas are stunning and you make the most wonderful decorations! I have the ideas, but never come to make are fantastic girl!