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Christmas paper tree tutorial

Thank you for the enthusiasm you showed for this Paper trees. I'm happy you liked them and I hope this tutorial will help you to make this beatiful christmas decorations. I found the idea on this video but it's a little bit different. I decided to add some steps and to make this project in my way, just like I wanted.

You will need:
-paper circles of 10 different sizes, approximately about 250 pieces
- wire
- wavy cardboard circle of the same size of the biggest paper circle.
- wooden stick
- glitter powder
-small glitter stars
- glitter gloss
- paper rose
- glue spray
- fake holly fruits
- embellishments (to hang and glue on the bottom of the tree)
- white acrylic paint
- hot glue
- scissors
- wire pliers
- brush

Step 1: make a hole with the stick into the wavy cardboard.
Step 2 : Put the stick in place to make it stay firm. I usually use a huge crepe tape because it's just perfect for this kind of things.
Step 3: This is very important step. Crush each circle before you put it on the stick. This will give to your tree a nice airy and distressed look.
Step 4: Pin the paper circle approximately in the centre and don't be concerned if it's not right in the middle. In fact this will make even more intresting. Continue with the others and don't forget to crush them. This operation will take you some time but the result is worth doing it. Leave approximately 1 cm of the stick looking out of the paper circles.

Step 5: When you put on the stick all the paper circles put some hot glue in the wavy cardboard where you made a hole previously and place the bottom of the stick of your paper tree on the cardboard. Hold the tree till the glue is completely hard and the tree is standing well balanced.
Step 6: Add more glue to the layer between the cardboard and the first paper circle to make it completely stable.
Step 7: Spray the paper tree with the glue spray. This step depends on your taste of how much glitter do you want on your tree. I like it a lot so I spray generously.
Step 8: Pour the glitter on the paper tree. Shake well to allow the excess of glitter to go down.

Step 9: Spray the tree again, this time just a few quick and light sprays and put on the little glitter stars.
Step 10: At this point a lot of stars will stick on the tree but I find that too many of them give to the tree an artificial look and my advice is to brush part of them down with a clean and soft brush but also this step depends on your personal taste.
Step11: Paint the bottom cardboard with white acrylic paint. Apply some glitter on the wet paint if desired.
Step 12: With the glue gun stick the end of the wire (1m long) somewhere between the biggest paper circles at the bottom of the tree and wrap it around the tree till reaching the top.

Step 13: Twist the end of the wire around the top of the stick.
Step 14: Spray just a little bit the red holly fruits with the glue and put them into the glitter. I don't like them fully covered but just partially because I find that they look better on the tree if not totally covered with glitter.
Step15: Apply the fruits on the tree using the hot glue.
Step 16: Take the rose and place it on the top of the tree.

Step 17: Make a bow under the rose using the desired ribbon.
Step18: Take another piece of wire and twist it around a pencil and pull it down. Now you pull the ends and there you have the twisted wire.
Step 19: Put one end of the wire into the middle of the rose.
Step 20: Apply the glitter gloss on the top.

Now you can decorate the tree like you desire.

I hope I was enough clear. In case you didn't understand any of the step e-mail me. I hope you'll enjoy making them as I did!

Have a greta time!!!!

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  1. ooooooh THANK YOU for sharing your technique!!!

    this is the BEST project!!!


  2. Fenomenalno. Hvala ker tako nesebično deliš znami vse tvoje noro dobre ideje. :)

  3. Fantastic Jana! And so clear. I just have to make one! Thanks so much girl for sharing this tutorial!LOVE it!

  4. WOW, thaks so much for sharing that!! I love it!!!

  5. Hvala, ampak taka definitivno ne bo!
    Se ne upam niti probat :-))

  6. Ooo, jana super smrekica in hvala za tutorial.

  7. Thank you for sharing these adorable trees!! I can't wait to make a few.

  8. Thanks soooo much for this tutorial, Jana!!!
    LOVE it!!


  9. Wow! Tole bomo pa s punacama definitivno izdelale! Hvala za idejo!

  10. wow wow wow... thank you so much for this I am gong to have to figure out when I am going to make this... because this is just delightful... such a beautiful piece for the house!!! Thanks sooooooooooo much!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  11. Res, HVALA za ta tutorial, bo treba sprobat, ker je fenomenalna.

  12. Krasotica!!!
    Najlepša hvala za navodila in celoten postopek. Ampak naj se še tako potrudim, mi ne uspe naredit te lepotice.

  13. Hi Jana,
    you know I loved your Christmas tree.
    I made two, were not as beautiful as its, but I loved it!
    here is the link of my trees:

  14. Wonderful Jana!!
    This work is fantastic!!!

  15. Lepo, da si ovekovečila tutorialček :)

    Jaz sem takšna drevesca občudovala lansko leto pri Jeanine DeNitto, ona pa jih je delala po predlogi Matrhe Deavers iz revije Somerset life magazine. Žal sem jih našla prekasno, da bi jih naredila nekaj še sama, vendar sem se odločila, da bosta letos fanta naredila vsak svojo smrečico :) rezanje krogov bo odlična vaja za natančnost in umirjanje otroških ročic :)

  16. HVala za tutorial!
    Sem svojo smrekico že naredila, vendar ni izpadla tako lepa kot tvoje. MOgoče se bom z malo prakse približala tvojim krasoticam. Imaš smisel, ni kaj. :-)

    lep pozdravček,

  17. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial. I just have one question and that is what kind of paper did you use? It looks like it might be from a book or magazine? I love the way it turned out.

  18. thank you for the explanation : it is so nice!

  19. Wow, this is so gorgeous. I found you through MVM scrap designs. What a delightful blog. xox Corrine

  20. krasna smrekica, lepo si prikazala potek izdelave.
    podobno je imela pred dvema letoma martha stewart v svoji oddaji(samo, da so bili kvadrati, namesto krogcev), sem začela, pa nikoli dokončala. ko vidim tvoje, vsakič sklenem, da moram dokončat, me je sram, da tega še nisem naredila.

  21. Thanks for this tutorial! I tried it on my own and you can find my tree here: http://dapfniedesign.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/a-sparkly-tree-and-all-bundled-up/
    Thanks for looking!