sreda, 14. november 2012

Back from Norway

Yes I'm back and my suitcase of memories is a lot fuller with great moments we spent up there :-)
Norway was so beatiful and the people were so kind and warm. It was really a pleasure and my whole family had a wonderful time. The great May Lis and Grethe that invited me at Papirfest were  great and they beside everything they also organised  for us some sightseeing of Stavanger which is so lovely and with a strong Norwegian athmospere. My son enjoyed the Stavanger Geopark and so it's really a place for everone!

 The girls attending theclasses were amazing and fast learners so it was a pleasure to create with them  and we were all sourrounded with Christmas music and doing a Christmas project so.... what si better than this?

 Here are the Christmas projects we created....

So again: Thank you May Lis and Grethe for taking care of everthing , thank you to Kari from the North Star Stamps for the stamps and inspiring moments, thank you Nina form the Norway Stamps for the stamps and our inspiring discussions and thank you to all that made this journey very special! I'm sure we'll meet again someday!

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  1. How exciting!!! LOVING all the photos!!!!

  2. Super potovanje združeno z ustvarjanjem.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. I am now a followe r of your blog and have looked for two hours now :-) Still not finished so will come back.
    I just love your projects and your creative mind. This is totaly different to what I normaly do. Have been to second hand shop today and bought and onld book and lace curtain. Have to make a xmas three with start all by myself :-) Have to go back to find some old glasses for my xmas candles this year. What a great idea to turn a glas into a candle stand, just love it!!!!

  4. haha see that my new PC have letters different to my old so spelling a bit funny :-)

  5. Thanks again for an inspirational workshop creating Santa's list. I'll spend some more time in your blog to get more inspiration :-)
    I have to do some shopping too, so I can create my own Christmas tree.

    Here are the angels my mother created out of old books:
    Re-use can be fun and the outcome very beautiful (Santa's list, Christmas tree, angels etc - the list i long ):-)

    Have a nice weekend

    :-) Nina

  6. Tole pa je res super, združeno potovanje in ustvarjalna delavnica. Krasna izdelka ste naredili.