sobota, 3. november 2012

Frosty wishes canvas envelope

Here we go: the countdown to Christmas just started and the Tattered Angels month theme is peeeerfeeeect for this time of the year – Holidays bring family memories! That is so true and every family or union sure have a particular way to make this time special. The thing in my family that was necessary every Chrismas was always to make each year homemade chrismas cards. It always starts everything with discussing about what technique we’ll try and all together we develop our tiny christmas gift for the everday unreachable friends. This is the reason I had to represent this ingredient of our Christmas with a nice CC canvas envelope.

This time my Glimmer mists played with some crepe tape to make a real envelope border. First of all I covered the center of the envelope with the crepe tape anf left outside the border. Then I covered even that part with a separate tape and started to cut out stripes. I took care to immagine just the red ones. After all the cutting I sprayed with red mist. I also had at hand some paper towels to absorb all the excess of liquid right after spraying to avoid the mist going under the tape and ruining the pattern.

I took off all the tape stripes and covered the border once again and cut out new stripes  where the blue ones have to be placed. I repeat the spraying with a blue mist. Then I had to get a frosty look to the envelope so I also used some Chalk Chalkboard with a Glimmer screen to get a soft white background.

Here is the result: 

I hope you feel inspired! I'm waiting for you soon again!

5 komentarjev:

  1. Super si tole izpeljala in prekrasen izdelek je. Krasen okras, ne samo čestitka. Me pa zanima kje dobiš to platno, ki ni napeto?

  2. Wow!!! It looks like it was a lot of work, but then you have something worth it! Great envelope! Love the hanger too!

  3. So beautiful Jana.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Jana
    Thank you very much again for a very inspiring and interesting class creating the beautiful decoration !
    It was really nice meeting you and your family - Hope you'll get home safely

    :-) Nina