sreda, 24. junij 2009

Artist :-)

For everybody that enjoy creating it's just so nice to see how your child begins to express himself in an artistic way. It's so nice to see now Kian making faces , planes and his favorite drawings - robots. He's quite good in making an almost perfect triangle and squares and he enjoys when he can just make some messy work and use a lot of color!!!

3 komentarji:

  1. :) prve slike, prve risbe so neverjeten zaklad :) jaz shranim skoraj vse - tudi če že razpadajo :)))

  2. Spet čudovta stran. Me pa zanima kam je izginil slovenski blog? Sem rada tudi prebirala tvoje komentarje.

  3. Jana - this is so beautiful!!! I love the photo, and the lo is super beautiful!!! love the journaling strips and the puzzle piece is just the right touch.... LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Hope you're doing fine... have a beautiful everyday kinda day. {{HUGS}} Michelle