nedelja, 7. junij 2009


Cookie is inviting everyone for a Challenge. You have to follow this sketch:

I decided to make a layout of Kian's different playing. In fact he never loved the blocks but on the other hand he is making fabulous constructions with little trucks, shoes, cartons of milk,.... He is really a special boy.

8 komentarjev:

  1. Lepo veliko detajlov in lep papir.Tvoje izdelke prav občudujem!

  2. spremenila podlago?
    Tvoje papirčkanje je pa itak okusno za pojest.
    Všeč mi je to s prejico.

  3. super je- všeč mi je tudi uporabljena čipka!

  4. wow this is gorgeous work!! great take on the sketch!!! and i love those stitching details!!! love taking a closer look at all of them! And thanks for sharing the word too!

  5. carica si :) res... vsakič se pridem na tvoj blog pocrkljat. ker res papirčkaš 100 na uro!! krasno!

  6. great take on the sketch....and those stitching just awesome :)

  7. this lo is just adorable!!! I love the paper you used! and i love the hand stitching you did... it's just so sweet, you can see what a special boy Kian is... lucky you! Have a great day!
    {{HUGS}} Michelle