petek, 26. februar 2010

The sweetest thing

Hello everybody! First of all I have to say thank you for all the suggestions about the heating gun. I really appriciated your support and it helped me a lot!!
I had a terrible week because I was all days in bed in a company of a mr. Virus. You know the story - fever, shaking, ...... My throat is still not producing the voice I'm used to but for the rest, I hope, now it'll go better. (I'm just knoking on wood in any case!)
Before I fell in bed I made this LO. I've already told you ( that Kian never played with the blocks but he always does great constructions with other things. So once again the other day he was sitting in the kichen and he found the sugar cubes and he started to play with them and after a while he made three towers and he said that one was him, one mommy and the tallest one was daddy. I think the title can not be other than "The sweetest thing" as for what he said and because he used sugar!

I also like how the chipboard letters came out. I used some crackle paint and mixed it with regular acrilyc on the other side and finished with a coat of gloss varnish. I like the foggy mix of the two colors - I think I'll use a lot this technique!

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  1. Spet prekrasna zadeva izpod tvojih rok. Res občudujem tvojo domiselnost in občutek za vse te detajle, ki ji vedno tako perfektno skombiniraš.

  2. Spet tako lepo dodelano, ti detajli!!!!Črke so pa res prekrasne- mega!!!

  3. Se strinjam s predhodnicama, vedno je vse zelo zelo lepo skombinirano, prava paša za oči :-))

  4. Tvoj srček pa je iz pravega testa! Ljubezen ti pokaže prav na vsakem koraku!
    Tudi meni so vedno všeč vsi detajli, ki jih narediš! Zadnjič sem se trudila narediti nekaj podobnega kot ti s črkami in bila daaaaaleč od želenega rezultata! Tvoje so res izpadle mega!

  5. Vedno znova občudujem, kaj uspeš sčarati s vsemi dodatki, da fotografija, ki jo predstavljaš, dobi zgodbo. Super lepo!

  6. Prekrasno! Nikoli mi ne bo jasno, kako uspeš toliko dodatkov združiti v čudovito celoto.

  7. :))) moja dva sicer izkoristita vsako možno minuto za zlaganje kock, vendar imata oba eno prav smešno lastnost - igrače postavljata v vrsto, tako da imamo včasih celo vrsto igrač od sobe do kuhinje :)))))

    super LO, na mojem blogu pa te čaka še nagradica :)

  8. this is just too too lovely... I love that technique... I love how the letters turned out... wonderful!!!

    Wondered how the heat gun situation turned out??? Thought I'd mention I got mine from the hardware store... in the tool section... I couldn't keep putting money into heat guns either, so Steve suggested buying one of those... so I bought a 'man tool' heat gun... it's SUPER heavy duty... gets SUPER hot... but gets things done SUPER fast... so you have to watch it... but it's REALLY GREAT!!! Now, I don't have to worry about it breaking down... it's a strong thing!!!

    Anyway... hope you're not still down with Mr. Virus... have a lovely day...
    {{bug hugs}} Michelle

  9. Oh my...another stunning LO!LOve the technique you used on the alpha's and I love your embellies!Awesome layout!That photo is so cool and your son is so creative!