sobota, 13. februar 2010

And the LO goes to.....

Today I have to anonce the winner of the LO. Thanks to all whot left a comment and for me it was really fun!
So lets get to the winner.............

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 17
Result: 4

...................... the winner is Petra from
Petra please mail me your address so I can send you the LO!

I apologize not showing up yesterda but I was very busy because making the costumes for pust and preparing gifts and the cake for my mom's birthday. I made a topsy turvy cake and I enjoyed the new challenge!

I have to go now to have fun un costumes. I'll post in the next days how it was. Bye to everyone and have fun too!!!!!!!

9 komentarjev:

  1. Uau, kakšna torta!
    Pa čestitke Petri.

  2. Čestitke petri!
    Kako huda torta!!!!!!!

  3. Vau, kakšna torta, to pa je izdelek in pol.

  4. Uau kakšna torta, res itdelek in pol. Petri pa čestitke.

  5. Torta je fantastična!! Hudo, res.

  6. JUHUHUHUHU...Kok si mi polepšala dan...HVALA! Za povrhu sem si pa še sline nacedila ob fantastični torti!!!!1

  7. What a beautiful cake... I know your mom LOVED IT!!! I'm sure it was as tasty inside as is was beautiful on the outside.... wow wow wow!!!

    I wish I knew how to make cakes this lovely.... maybe someday I'll take a lesson...

    Have a lovely day!!!
    {{HUGS}} Michelle