torek, 21. julij 2009


In every relationship love is always evolving. It's an alive creature and the most surprising and misterious thing and reveals many aspects of itself when you become a parent. A child brings out of us everything we are - the truth about us and the most beatiful gift we can give to our children is to be better persons.

Well, from the moment Kian was born he had a dad that is totally dedicated to him and tries to spend every moment in a most joyful way. Thank you Matej for being such a wonderful father!

3 komentarji:

  1. :) všeč mi je, kako tvoji LO dobijo zgodbo :)

  2. vauuu, kako lep LO :) prav poseben.

  3. I love the shadow photo... and the whole thing in blues... it really makes you feel a warm fuzzy and oh so cozy... {{HUGS}} M