petek, 17. julij 2009


Hi everyone! I wanted to add something about my beach mini album and recycling. So, as I also wanted my album to have a sea look I got this small idea. I used a net bag (the one that contained some sea toys in the shop - yeah that one that we immidiatlly open and throw in the garbage) I cut it and I think it gives a sea-fishy look. I'm also thinking about applying some tiny sea snails houses that we brought from the vacation. What do you think?

Yesterday evening I spent some time in front of the tv and as usual I couldn't help myself not doing something while watching. So I made this paper flowers. It was funny doing them and I like the gold distressed edge.

I used one of those paper flowers in my new layout that is dedicated to my mini friend Chili. She is so cute and I have to tell you that she is with me since I was going at the university and she was always with me but she was a little bit snob and she tolerated just a certain amount of cuddling. Well, since Kian arrived she changed a lot. She is constantly following me and she wants to be in my arms (even now when I'm on my computer!) But she is the best!!!

3 komentarji:

  1. Poseben prijatelj zasluži posebno mesto :)

    Rožice so pa noro dobre!!!

  2. ooo, kako lepo :) chilli je tako prisrčna :))))) si res zasluži tako lep LO :)

  3. Beautiful work Jana and thank you so much for the wonderful comments you always leave on my blog. You are so sweet!