nedelja, 19. julij 2009

Afternoon nap...

I have to tell that Kian doesn't like sleeping. Already when he was a newborn baby he didn't want to sleep and he was awake almost all day!!!!! And also now, when he will turn three next month, he's making problems when is time for the afternoon nap. So, to avoid fighting with a (terrible) two year toddler (that has no sense), I foud this alternative way to make him sleep during the day. I bought a little candy machine and I told him that when he sleeps, a mouse comes into his room and leaves a coin under his pillow (yes, I have to be always allert and remember to put it while he is sleeping). So, when he wakes up he can put the coin in the candy machine and as an award for being a good boy, he gets a candy. Most of the times is a success!! So this is what is my layout about.

The next layout is somehow connected with the previous because I have to admit that the candy escape sometimes doesn't work for misterious reasons and the next LO is showing the consequence!! He felt asleep in the middle of the day while drawing!!!! Is this happening to you too?

6 komentarjev:

  1. Dobro rešuješ problem! :)
    In prav lepo si pretopila vse skupaj tudi na papir.

  2. haha, prav zabavna reč tole branje :))) super spomini :)))

  3. I love your photo expressions and your story. That's a precious memory one day for just mommy and me.

  4. I love this page!!!! I love the photos and the story... it's so nice to have those memories to not only keep in your heart, but on a page... thanks for sharing it with us. {{HUGS}} Michelle