sreda, 5. avgust 2009


In a few days Kian will turn three (already?!?!?!) and we both just cant see the time to reach the important date. Kian because if the presents and the cake and me because I just enjoy prepariong everything for the party and making surprises for him. Now it was time to send the invitations and as the theme of the party will be dinos ( we are deep in the dino phase right now!) I made some prehistoric invitations.
I cut out a dino shape (I found this nice idea on the internet but I just add a personal touch) and than I distressed them to make more dimension. I printed the invitations and I glued the paper on a foam paper just to make them thicker so they can be stuck in the dino's arms.

I like them because they are nice dinos with glowing eyes and a lolly in the mouth.

I had this ide to put some craccle paint on the dino's plates to get the dino skin effect.

So, after the party the kids can just put away the invitation and put something else under the dino's arm in their room!

Can't see the time to make the big cake. Guess what shape Kian decided the cake will be?

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  1. Wow, sploh nimam besed za opisat tale fantastična vabila. Vse dodelano 'u nulo'. Pa tudi sicer so vsi izdelki res enkratni.

    Pa veselo praznovanje!

    A torta bo dino-torta? :-)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! this invitation is just so unbelievable... I love love love it!!! I am sure Kian just adores them... make sure you save one for him... they really are super wonderful!!!

    {{HUGS}} Michelle
    p.s. I sent you an email for some tips on the cake!...

  3. Uaaau noro dobri dinozavri!
    Full mi je všeč efekt dinozavrove kože!
    Kianu in malčkom bo sigurno všeč, še bolj pa jim bo najbrž poskočil srček, ko bodo zagledali torto v obliki dinozavra!
    Lepo praznujte!:)

  4. Super vabila in lepo praznovanje Kianu!

  5. Those are the cutest invitations I've ever seen!!! Awesome!
    Have fun at your party!

  6. Uau, kakšna kulska darila...čist hudi-bi rekli naši punci, sta tudi mahnjeni na dinote :). Krasna so!

  7. Wouuu..fantastična zmajska darila!
    Prav vse mi je všeč.

  8. Fenomenalna vabila. Mi je že Renata vzela z jezika, da so dodelani "u nulo". Sploh niso samo vabila ampak trajen spominček za na hladilnik! Res UOU!!

  9. Prekrasna vabila so, prave male mojstrovine!

  10. Res so najbolj prisrčna vabila, kar jih je mogoče videti :)

    Neverjetna si!

  11. Noro dobro vabila. Malim se je verjetno kar mešalo, ko so jih dobili. Vse pohvale.