sobota, 1. maj 2010

"No place like home" globe tutorial

I receved many e-mails on how to make the Globe "No place like home" so I decided to make a post about it. So, here we go:
First of all you need to blow two small ballons to obtain two bases for your globe. Place them in two little bowls that will hold them i place.

TIP: put some sand in the baloons that will prevent them from overturning.

The next thing is to cover them a half with some tissue paper or some other paper combined with mod podge or a mixture of water and flour which makes a perfect glue. Let them dry well for a day and than pop the baloons and carefully cut the two halfs of the sphere on the edges in a way that they mach perfectly.
TIP: It's better to cover the baloons a little more than a half so you can figure out how you have to cut to get two perfect halfs.

Then you take 4 pieces of wire and jon them in the midlle and place the joined part in the midlle of the half sphere and then procede with glueing the wire with the glue gun to make it stronger.

I covered the outside part with the "Paper perfect" (Decoart) with the spatula to make the outside surface look like real paper

The next thing is the painting. I painted an antique map on it but you can choose a different way to adorn your globe. Than you have to do the same wire work on the outside like you did on the inside. You take 4 pieces of wire, join in the middle and place it on the top of the sphere.

Take each wire and fix it with the staples to get 8 equal parts. Don't be afraid about the staples showing because you'll cover them with some ribbon or lace.

Cut some stripes of patterned paper and glue it on the inside of the half sphere - blue for the sky and green for the grass. Start in the centre and than proceed by kepping always the midle of each stripe in the centre but moving the rest of it to cover the entire half sphere with a fan looking base.

Cut the stripes at the edge of the half sphere and again fix them with the staples.

Than you have to join the two half spheres together and decorate the globe in a way you want. I made just a tiny paper house but there are many ways to use this globe and things you can put inside. Let me know what theme you decided to use for this project!

By the way: happy national scrapbooking day to everyone and a special thank you goes also to the TAFOMFT that selected this project for the monhly challenge! Thank you girls - I really enjoy your company!

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  1. Uau! Na dolgi poti v avtu sem premišljevala o tvoji krogli in o tem, kako si jo naredila! Pridem domov in kaj najdem - tvoj tutorial!! To pa je bil prenos misli:)

  2. Tale navodila si super podala!Ampak mislim, da je projekt vseeno prezahteven zame. Mogoče kdaj drugič:):):)

  3. I just love this so much and congrats on winning over at Fave Things!! You totally deserved it! Love, Jess

  4. Uf ... zdaj pa tale globus še bolj cenim ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Hvala za ta tutorial Jana. Resnično je enega dela z njim, ampak ko pa je končni izdelek takoooo fantastičen.

  6. Hvala za navodila, ampak tole ni mačji kašelj, tako da, roke proč :-))

  7. this is so great... I haven't done one of these since grade school... and with Rainee in school now I'm sure I'll be doing it again... thanks for the great memory... and how to... I'm sure I'll be using it in the future!!! Still love your favorite place... it's amazing!!! tfs!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  8. This is brilliant Jana!
    Love this so much...awesome work!