sreda, 26. maj 2010

Urška's birthday

Today is Urška's birthday. She is a very talented artist in many ways. Lately she is known as an amazing jewelry designer and I have to say that her creations sre amazing. I hope she'll soon make a blog because you have to see this pieces of art. For her birthday I wanted something special and I decided to do some painting. This is a portrait of her and her sweet son. I know she is having a great party and I'd love to be with her but unfortunatly she lives far away and so there the occasions to see each other are rare but on the other hand very prescious and cherished!!

So....Happy birthday my dear friend and have a wonderful life!

5 komentarjev:

  1. is very beautiful !
    wonderful picture !
    congrats ,hugs !

  2. beautiful Pictures!

  3. dol sem padla! d o l ! uaaaaaaa!

  4. o vau, nisem vedela, da znaš tudi to. Tudi ti si umetnica.

  5. Čudovita slika.. občudujem tvoje vsestranske sposobnosti. Sem že prebrala, da je je bila Urška vesela :) In tudi jaz upam, da končno začne pisat blog.